Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Loz and Dinny Challenge

A bit of fabric I had floating around, a thrifted floral pillowcase, fabric from a thrifted wool skirt for the button and the star of the show, the trim!

And so this little bag was born.

 I left it till the last minute of course [procrastinator that I am] but I got there - even on time!

And I didn't have to buy anything for this project [good guuurl!]

* Edited to add: To those who aren't in the know, sorry I was in a bit of a rush when I posted this and didn't think to explain.
Gemma from Loz and Dinny devised a cunning crafty challenge as a birthday celebration and sent a bunch of us a length of this goldy mustard trim to turn into some handmade goodness. Check out some of the other entries - so many amazing creations.


Mandy said...

oh you are so clever.
you should sell your stuff babe!
I want another bag now!

Mandy said...

oh and who are loz and dinny?

Anonymous said...

way too crafty - sooo jealous
I can't sew yet - working on it slowly
very cute bag

Gina said...

Now that's just gorgeous! The trim looks really good against the blue. You have such an eye for fabric matching. I am very impressed.
Oh and nice cowboy-speak, you are clearly an expert!!!

Stephanie and Carlos said...

That looks super!! Who would have thought... I am loving what all you girls have done with Gemma's trim!!!

xo Steph

Kylie said...

Great bag - it looks fantastic :) K

willywagtail said...

Great colours in this bag and I love the double layer of trim. It has impact. Cherrie

Isis said...

wonderful, the bag is gorgeous
x isis

edward and lilly said...

So cute, I've loved seeing so many great creations come out of one trim.

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