Monday, October 5, 2009

Yummy Hilbarn Box

Our box is here - we collected it this morning. Fresh and delicious local fruit and veg from Hilbarn.
Broccolli, spring onion, apples, potatoes, carrots, onions, shallots (I think), coriander, lettuce, baby beetroot and mini tomatoes. Immy and I were into those irresistable morsels straight away - YUM! Go and get one!


Al Bain said...


Is that the $25 or $50 box?

christine said...

Hey Al, It's the $25 box - it probably won't keep us going all week - might have to go a big box next time

Al Bain said...

Fair enough. Rachel did the grocery shopping today and spent $44 on fruit alone. I reckon the $50.00 box would be great value. I'll order one for next week.

Where and when did you pick it up?

Anonymous said...

is that randomly chosen or do you choose? i have been tempted by a company around Perth who drop off a random box of seasonal fresh produce - but I have a local fresh veg shop a hop skip and jump away (we walk there) so I haven't needed to ... I do like the idea of random fresh vegies that mean I have to think outside the square a bit when cooking ... speaking of which, mmmmm, food, love food

christine said...

Al - we picked ours up from Davies or they can deliver it to you for an extra $5. The other pick up point is at the ABC studios.

I think we'll be going with the $50 box too.

christine said...

Bronya - It's a random box - so it's a surprise! It's good actually... getting stuff that I probably wouldn't buy normally - and I really love that it's all grown locally, within 50km of Lonnie - so hardly any food miles!

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