Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elizabeth Handmade Market

is only 6 weeks away! 

put it in your diaries

check out our website for heaps more info on our fundraising cause and to check out all the stall holders

see you there xx

Friday, May 18, 2012

:: lately ::

:: lots of birthdays [including mine]

:: cuddles with opa

:: dancing

:: laughing [at mum's spelling - good one ree-ree]

:: presents

:: school work [did you know we home school now?]

:: high fives

:: path building

:: parties

:: 100 pink balloons [or a few less by the time they got them upstairs]

:: silliness [and more parties]

:: a special birthday boy

:: drawing in kid-built cubby houses

:: feeding donkeys [the neighbours]

:: apple picking in jim-jams

:: and more apple picking

:: kitty-cat face painting

:: more sillies

:: sketching stuff at the side of the road

:: eating delicious homemade puff pastry with home grown tomatoes

hope all is well in your world - it is in ours xx

Saturday, September 24, 2011

another market!?!

yes it's an addiction...

now i'm organising one! with darling amy of course::

we are fully booked out! over 45 stall holders with some amazing wares!

come down on friday night and say hello, browse, buy and drink coffee...

see you there

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

that was fun!

yes i am officially a market addict! ...well i was already but now from the other side of the stall!

what a lovely day it was - hanging out with some gorgeous people and looking at all the beautiful stuff. mum was with me selling her cute olifant wares and even my little brother jamie came with his blackboard letters and framed boards. our next-stall-neighbour sharon and mum chatted all day and amy was there too of course

p.s. i know keep promising but there will definitly be the exciting announcment made very soon - just a few more tweaks...

Friday, August 5, 2011


i had a wonderful time at the market last saturday with the gorgeous amy of the happy nest.

it was super exciting to be an actual stall holder but also quite disconcerting at times when there are a whole lot of strangers man-handling your precious creations! but i absolutely loved it - i'm definitely addicted now! and off to do it all again this weekend - a little closer to home this time.

we'll be here:: 

[oh and the exciting announcement will be in a couple of days!]

Friday, July 29, 2011

to market!

wow it's been a while! there's been so much happening around here and no time to tell about it. lots and lots of making...

just popping past to say: i'm off to my first ever market tomorrow! YAY! i'm joining forces with my darling friend amy and we have a stall at the 'mummy made it' market in devonport. actually amy is an amazing sewist and has made a mountain of gorgeous kid stuff - here's a link to her shop. i've managed a few journals, brooches, earrings, scarves and hair things

if you feel like a scenic drive come past and say hello. the market is at the devonport church of christ - cnr william and steel st - from 9 til 1

stay tuned for more frequent updates and an exciting announcement next week! (promises, promises...)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Q: Can you still eat a cupcake if a skink has run across it?

Or perhaps it ought to be should you still eat the cupcake...

The girls did a bit of make-up-our-own-recipe-as-we-go-along. Imogen’s version turned into ‘crumble slice’ [messy but yummy] and Alannah produced vanilla cupcakes.

A small member of the lizard family visited our warm kitchen on that rainy afternoon as they were cooling on the bench and I guess he thought a nice warm cupcake made a tolerable alternative to a sunwarmed pebble...

And so back to the original question - we did anyway and they were delicious!

p.s. That’s Ed’s hand in the back ground behind Alannah’s head threatening the classic dingo-family-patented ‘smell-the-cream-and-I’ll-push-your-head-into-it’ move... he didn't though - good daddy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

red bridge cafe

We stopped off in Campbell Town yesterday on the way home from an overnighter to Coles Bay. LOVE this place! We'll defintely be back. And it's only half an hour from our house.

Monday, October 18, 2010

the state of the lounge

It seems I have not folded washing for several weeks...
It seems I would much rather take a photo and blog it than actually fold it...
It seems I may be procrastinating...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

random catch-up in no particular order:: a bag for my mama

Last month was mum’s birthday so I thought it was about time to make her bag. This was one we had decided on together over a year ago which I had never found the time [or perhaps inclination to follow a pattern] to construct.

It’s from bend-the-rules sewing by Amy Karol [aka Angry Chicken], which I borrowed from Katie. It was easy to follow her instructions and turned out just perfectly! I only made a couple of changes: I used stiff sew-in interfacing to give it a bit of shape [because who knows what cotton flannel is or where to get it here - anyone?] and I stitched my own embroidery design on the front instead of the one Amy has in the book.

And my mama loves it!

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