Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Bit crazy round here right now. Making piles of skirts, hundreds of yums tags and gypsy-skirt-seller-peddler's-parade-outfit for school fair in 2 days. AAAARGH! [+ possible button hair ties and felt birdy ornaments if time allows - who am I kidding?]

Oh and kid no.2 has third birthday coming up in a week and a half - potentially not as quality celebration as first child's birthday parties - and I NEED (i.e. would like) to make her SOMETHING handmade [who knows what?]- eeeek! - control freak is freaking out!

See what happens when mama's not looking?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two cheeky girlies with aprons on

Aprons that have been works in progress for the past 6 months - I finally finished them a few weeks ago. [there are still 2 more half completed - who knows when they'll be done!]

I did a bit of experimental decorative stitching on the pockets - 'it's only an apron' I thought - and wow it's a great way to disguise crooked top stitching! I needed to find a way to keep the top part of the aprons high enough to stop stuff falling behind - what would be the point of an apron otherwise? - so pop-studs on the neck strap it was. [who can resist having a good old bash with the hammer?] There wasn't enough length of fabric for Immy's so it had to have a ruffle which turned out just beautifully. I love it when things work out like that.

These are the best two pics of a dozen and a half - cheeky little rabbits! Of course it'd be just too easy to stand nicely and smile at the camera for mama. My own fault for doing a photo shoot right before bed time.

Dinner Time

Last Sunday we had my family around for dinner. It was so lovely to be with mum and dad and all (except one - miss you Mandy) of my siblings.

Menu - courtesy of my darling Edward [chef-master]
:balsamic glazed baby beets
:mushrooms with rosemary and beetroot greens
:herb and grain bread
:proper chicken caesar salad [from jamie at home]
:baked potatoes stuffed with bacon, anchovies and sage [from COOK with JAMIE]
:crushed orange meringue with whipped cream and blueberries [based on jamie's eton mess recipe also from COOK with JAMIE]

[you can't tell who is the favourite chef at our house can you?]

It was an absolutely delicious meal, especially the dessert! [you really have to try the combination of sticky, sweet, caramelised, orangey meringue with tart, tangy blueberries and don't forget the cream! - it truly is a perfect match]

Monday, October 5, 2009

Yummy Hilbarn Box

Our box is here - we collected it this morning. Fresh and delicious local fruit and veg from Hilbarn.
Broccolli, spring onion, apples, potatoes, carrots, onions, shallots (I think), coriander, lettuce, baby beetroot and mini tomatoes. Immy and I were into those irresistable morsels straight away - YUM! Go and get one!
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