Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dinner Time

Last Sunday we had my family around for dinner. It was so lovely to be with mum and dad and all (except one - miss you Mandy) of my siblings.

Menu - courtesy of my darling Edward [chef-master]
:balsamic glazed baby beets
:mushrooms with rosemary and beetroot greens
:herb and grain bread
:proper chicken caesar salad [from jamie at home]
:baked potatoes stuffed with bacon, anchovies and sage [from COOK with JAMIE]
:crushed orange meringue with whipped cream and blueberries [based on jamie's eton mess recipe also from COOK with JAMIE]

[you can't tell who is the favourite chef at our house can you?]

It was an absolutely delicious meal, especially the dessert! [you really have to try the combination of sticky, sweet, caramelised, orangey meringue with tart, tangy blueberries and don't forget the cream! - it truly is a perfect match]


Al Bain said...

Go Edward!!

I love Eton Mess. Haven't tried Jamie's though. The one I've had had lashings of liqueur in it.

Good to see the dishes being done too.

Gina said...

Drooling. Drooooooling on the keyboard here. Oh well, back to my toast...

Mandy said...

make me jealous!!
looks so wonderfully tasty as always.
can't wait for Christmas feasts together.

Mandy said...

oh and isn't katie glowing!

bron said...

how good does that food look! yummo ... oh how I love to eat ...

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