Sunday, October 18, 2009

Two cheeky girlies with aprons on

Aprons that have been works in progress for the past 6 months - I finally finished them a few weeks ago. [there are still 2 more half completed - who knows when they'll be done!]

I did a bit of experimental decorative stitching on the pockets - 'it's only an apron' I thought - and wow it's a great way to disguise crooked top stitching! I needed to find a way to keep the top part of the aprons high enough to stop stuff falling behind - what would be the point of an apron otherwise? - so pop-studs on the neck strap it was. [who can resist having a good old bash with the hammer?] There wasn't enough length of fabric for Immy's so it had to have a ruffle which turned out just beautifully. I love it when things work out like that.

These are the best two pics of a dozen and a half - cheeky little rabbits! Of course it'd be just too easy to stand nicely and smile at the camera for mama. My own fault for doing a photo shoot right before bed time.


Tania said...

You could have just said: "Right! Give me your best cheeky monkey!" and no doubt ended up with the same dozen and a half shots...

Al Bain said...

I love a good ruffle.

Mandy said...

cutie pies!
can't wait to see my girls in a few weeks.
so funny that imi is in blue and lan is in pink.
remember with us it was always the other way round.
i was ALWAYS in pink. ha ha.

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