Friday, June 25, 2010

"UMMY" – that’s me

A little munchkin hanging onto my legs “Ummy... MUMmy... mum... mam... UUUMMMYYY... MUM... mama... mim... UUMM...

Translation: feed me now mummy!

*noong-a-noong-en = finn speak for food.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Space : Crochet

I finally taught myself how to crochet! I’ve tried to on various occasions – Mum showed me how to quite a few times but I could not figure it out. I was flicking through Meet Me at Mikes [the book] the other day and came to the granny squares and thought why not? The stitch instructions, though they are quite simple and well illustrated, still didn’t quite make sense to me, so I found a How to Crochet section in this other really daggy old craft book I have and CLICK – I could crochet! A bit of a made up chain stitchy flower and a few mini granny squares later I felt confident enough to invent my own pattern and it worked! I stitched on a few buttons and added some embroidery [supposed to look like a birdie btw] and turned it into a brooch for a darling friend’s birthday pressie.

I can’t believe how simple it is! Why didn’t someone tell me this before! I love that you can just pick it up whenever and do a bit here and there and even make it up as you go along and it’s SO EASY to undo your mistakes and start again! I LOVE CROCHET!

This is my first creative space. See some other creative spaces or join in over at kootoyoo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Christine’s Little List of Joy

My lovely sis Mandy has a share the joy project going on at dear musketeer at the moment.

Here’s my list:

1. A foot rub from my beloved
2. Snuggling in bed with my darlings
3. Getting to do something creative during my day
4. Chubby baby feet that need a nibble
5. A line full of fresh washing drying in the wind and sun
6. Walking along the beach on a windy winter’s day
7. When my curls decide to be good and behave themselves
8. The smell of freshly baked bread straight out of the wood oven
9. Building cubbies up the paddock with my kidlets
10. Dusk with the silhouettes of winter trees against the sky

It was so hard to keep it to just ten little things when there are so many more things that bring me joy.

Thanks Mandy for this little project – it’s been a wonderful way to really think about and be thankful for all the blessings our awesome God brings into our lives xx

Friday, June 18, 2010

heeeere kitty, kitty, kitty

These two cute balls of fluff came to live with us on the first day of the school holidays. Oh boy, kitties are full of mischief. I’d forgotten how many wees one has to mop up when acquiring a new kitten, let alone two! A bit like having 5 kids instead of 3 – but they are forgiven everything cos the are just SO cute! Even Ed loves them and he’s allergic to cats...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh Mr Darcy – how I do love thee!

My most favourite t-shirt ever! From this gorgeous shop. I was inspired to make my purchase after seeing this.

It arrived on Tuesday and I haven’t taken it off since! May possibly need to go in the wash sometime in the near future...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blanket Stitch

A warm, woollen, stitchy blanket for my darling Immy. It’s been cosy in front of the telly for the past few nights with this blanket warming my legs as I stitch. Now she can snuggle under her new blankie in that chilly upstairs bedchamber.
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