Friday, May 18, 2012

:: lately ::

:: lots of birthdays [including mine]

:: cuddles with opa

:: dancing

:: laughing [at mum's spelling - good one ree-ree]

:: presents

:: school work [did you know we home school now?]

:: high fives

:: path building

:: parties

:: 100 pink balloons [or a few less by the time they got them upstairs]

:: silliness [and more parties]

:: a special birthday boy

:: drawing in kid-built cubby houses

:: feeding donkeys [the neighbours]

:: apple picking in jim-jams

:: and more apple picking

:: kitty-cat face painting

:: more sillies

:: sketching stuff at the side of the road

:: eating delicious homemade puff pastry with home grown tomatoes

hope all is well in your world - it is in ours xx

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