Friday, January 21, 2011

Q: Can you still eat a cupcake if a skink has run across it?

Or perhaps it ought to be should you still eat the cupcake...

The girls did a bit of make-up-our-own-recipe-as-we-go-along. Imogen’s version turned into ‘crumble slice’ [messy but yummy] and Alannah produced vanilla cupcakes.

A small member of the lizard family visited our warm kitchen on that rainy afternoon as they were cooling on the bench and I guess he thought a nice warm cupcake made a tolerable alternative to a sunwarmed pebble...

And so back to the original question - we did anyway and they were delicious!

p.s. That’s Ed’s hand in the back ground behind Alannah’s head threatening the classic dingo-family-patented ‘smell-the-cream-and-I’ll-push-your-head-into-it’ move... he didn't though - good daddy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

red bridge cafe

We stopped off in Campbell Town yesterday on the way home from an overnighter to Coles Bay. LOVE this place! We'll defintely be back. And it's only half an hour from our house.
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