Friday, January 21, 2011

Q: Can you still eat a cupcake if a skink has run across it?

Or perhaps it ought to be should you still eat the cupcake...

The girls did a bit of make-up-our-own-recipe-as-we-go-along. Imogen’s version turned into ‘crumble slice’ [messy but yummy] and Alannah produced vanilla cupcakes.

A small member of the lizard family visited our warm kitchen on that rainy afternoon as they were cooling on the bench and I guess he thought a nice warm cupcake made a tolerable alternative to a sunwarmed pebble...

And so back to the original question - we did anyway and they were delicious!

p.s. That’s Ed’s hand in the back ground behind Alannah’s head threatening the classic dingo-family-patented ‘smell-the-cream-and-I’ll-push-your-head-into-it’ move... he didn't though - good daddy!


Anonymous said...

When I first read it I thought it said 'skunk'. You definitely couldn't eat it if a skunk ran over it. But since it was just a teeny tiny skink it should be okay if it wiped it's feet first.


Mandy said...

i still try the cream up your nose thing with unsuspecting-never-met-a-dingemanse-before people ;)

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