Saturday, August 8, 2009

He's churnin' 'em out man!

Ed's been making naan all day for a fundraiser curry night we are going to tonight. He's a one-man production line - no helpers allowed! [Unless it's wipe the benches :P ]

Even his choice of flowery teatowel basket liner!

I must be rubbing off!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Mushies anyone?

It was Ed's niece's birthday the other day. She turned 11, so I thought maybe a "makeup" case would make a cute gift.

Alannah chose the fabrics and directed the design and mummy sewed.

We also made some simple button hair slides and put in some lip balms and little lippy samples.

Even lined it!

I love how it turned out - though there's something awry with the zip. May have to do some homework on that one.

Knitty knitty (cheaty cheaty)

A bit of loom knitting... very quick and easy [heaps faster than real knitting] and actually something I finished! Never happens with knitting for me. There are lots of started-but-not-yet-finished-and-quite-unlikely-to-ever-be knitting projects around these parts. Something to do with crampy posture.

The bag in the background is one I sewed from a kit I received as a present from Mandy, my sis, which I finally sewed up a few months ago. [it may have been in my sewing box for say... a couple of years?] I love the jack and the beanstalk fabric.

Look! Arm warmies! And they are same size [well nearly - you can't tell when they're being worn]

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making Pressies

I've been sewing lately, making birthday gifts for friends.
I really love giving something I've made myself. It's so rewarding to be creative and be happy with the finished product.
Plus it means I don't have to drag the kidlets around town for hours searching for the perfect gift and come home with a headache, crabby kids, and a present that's not quite what I was looking for.
So making your own gifts = winners all round!
[just don't mention the upside down house, fabric everywhere, dishes not done, dinner not cooked, children not bathed ;) ]

This one's a reversible cover art journal. With a really sweet mini red polka dot for the inside flaps. And I even sewed in a little red taggy thing on the side. How professional!
And this is how I wrapped it. A few layers of tissue paper. Scrunched then flattened out again. Lay book on top to the side. Fold paper in half. Sew all around with the sewing machine. Easy. Oh and I first sewed a piece of kinda transparent, holey handmade paper to be a little pocket thing for the card I stamped.
This is a tool / knitting needle / pencil roll with some cute flower binding. It's so easy to make with a bias tape maker. Just cut a strip of fabric and feed it through the tape maker as you iron. Perfect!
I cut out a few leafy shapes and ironed them on with double sided fusible webbing, then stitched round them.
Some simple tote bags. My favourite fabric has to be the little red riding hood, how cute!


{deep breath...}

Here it is! "The Blog"

How exciting! How scary! What if someone actually reads what I write... what if no-one does... what if talk without thinking [like I do in real life]... what if people leave comments... AARGH!

That's exactly why I've been procrastinating [like I do best], reading other people's blogs, telling my friends to start a blog, taking photos to put on my blog,... but not actually doing it!

So here goes.....
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