Friday, August 7, 2009

Knitty knitty (cheaty cheaty)

A bit of loom knitting... very quick and easy [heaps faster than real knitting] and actually something I finished! Never happens with knitting for me. There are lots of started-but-not-yet-finished-and-quite-unlikely-to-ever-be knitting projects around these parts. Something to do with crampy posture.

The bag in the background is one I sewed from a kit I received as a present from Mandy, my sis, which I finally sewed up a few months ago. [it may have been in my sewing box for say... a couple of years?] I love the jack and the beanstalk fabric.

Look! Arm warmies! And they are same size [well nearly - you can't tell when they're being worn]

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Loz and Dinny said...

Hey - I recognise those snazzy arm warmers! Thanks so much for stopping by the market this morning (and my blog) I am so glad your kiddly winks like the booty - it is so lovely to receive such encouraging feedback ...with all these beautiful things on your blog ... seems like you have a very cool crafting mojo yourself!

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