Wednesday, August 5, 2009


{deep breath...}

Here it is! "The Blog"

How exciting! How scary! What if someone actually reads what I write... what if no-one does... what if talk without thinking [like I do in real life]... what if people leave comments... AARGH!

That's exactly why I've been procrastinating [like I do best], reading other people's blogs, telling my friends to start a blog, taking photos to put on my blog,... but not actually doing it!

So here goes.....


Edward Borst said...


Looks good babe.. Can't wait to see what you're going to put up on here..
Pretty stoked i made it to the top of your stuff i love list!

Al Bain said...

Wow! Very excited! Can't wait to see and read the progress. Inspiring stuff. Love your work!
Waiting in anticipation... Rachel x said...

cool site... :) Grettings to you

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