Friday, August 7, 2009

Mushies anyone?

It was Ed's niece's birthday the other day. She turned 11, so I thought maybe a "makeup" case would make a cute gift.

Alannah chose the fabrics and directed the design and mummy sewed.

We also made some simple button hair slides and put in some lip balms and little lippy samples.

Even lined it!

I love how it turned out - though there's something awry with the zip. May have to do some homework on that one.


Al Bain said...

Hey Christine. I like the way you write. Funny as.

But the content is scaring me a bit.

When will you devote a post to Ed's blacksmith shop? Or his boat?

christine said...

Sorry, boat stuff not going to happen here ;) blacksmithing may get a mention if any production actually occurs!

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