Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making Pressies

I've been sewing lately, making birthday gifts for friends.
I really love giving something I've made myself. It's so rewarding to be creative and be happy with the finished product.
Plus it means I don't have to drag the kidlets around town for hours searching for the perfect gift and come home with a headache, crabby kids, and a present that's not quite what I was looking for.
So making your own gifts = winners all round!
[just don't mention the upside down house, fabric everywhere, dishes not done, dinner not cooked, children not bathed ;) ]

This one's a reversible cover art journal. With a really sweet mini red polka dot for the inside flaps. And I even sewed in a little red taggy thing on the side. How professional!
And this is how I wrapped it. A few layers of tissue paper. Scrunched then flattened out again. Lay book on top to the side. Fold paper in half. Sew all around with the sewing machine. Easy. Oh and I first sewed a piece of kinda transparent, holey handmade paper to be a little pocket thing for the card I stamped.
This is a tool / knitting needle / pencil roll with some cute flower binding. It's so easy to make with a bias tape maker. Just cut a strip of fabric and feed it through the tape maker as you iron. Perfect!
I cut out a few leafy shapes and ironed them on with double sided fusible webbing, then stitched round them.
Some simple tote bags. My favourite fabric has to be the little red riding hood, how cute!


Mandy said...

Wow. So beautiful sisal.
And they think I'm the creative one in the family.
I would please love you to make me a bag :)
You know how my gym bag (with ALL it's contents got stolen) well it was a gift from mum and it was so special to me I can't bring myself to replace it. Even though I have nothing at the moment.
Can I please have a bag big enough to hold my gym gear? (shoes, jacket etc.)
I'm in LOVE with the cute grey fabric's of the bags above.
You are amazing my sis!

christine said...

Hey darlin. Would love to make you a bag. I've got heaps of yummy fabrics! What fun!

Mandy said...

great! A supre bag for my clothes and towel and a myer PLASTIC bag for my joggers is really sad!
Oh and can I please have a style that sits over the shoulder with 2 handles and tucks under the arm (not a long strap or anything.)
Oh and I'd love a cutsie grey pattern (like the 2nd of those three bags) with red lining... bit demanding aren't I!
I'm so excited now!
And in return I'm going to send you over some ikea fabric – cause I know you love it.

christine said...

Poor thing, very tragic bag situation. Will definitely remedy that. The fabric u like has little grey and white sheepies with blue trees and tiny red apples. Really cute. It's mum's fave too!
Very excited about the ikea fabric! YUM!

aimee said...

hello christine! you're blog is lovely :) i love the tree fabric - its cute as! you're one creative cookie - can't wait to see some more xx (katie's sister)

katie lauren said...

hello christine! welcome to blogging! now that you've started there's no turning back. Flickr is next for you! Looks like you have been VERY busy. Looks great - so glad I could be of help with some of the patterns :)

Gina said...

What beautiful work, I love the little details - and I LOVE the wrapping, brilliant! Welcome to the blog world, glad you've finally bitten the bullet, you'll enjoy it. Thanks for de-lurking too...

christine said...

Wow thanks guys, I'm lovin' all the bloggy love. Does wonders for the ego! And lovely to meet you Gina.

Lulu said...

I agree with you about making presents. It sure beats shopping, and they are always well received. Good excuse to go to the fabric shop.

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