Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Space : Crochet

I finally taught myself how to crochet! I’ve tried to on various occasions – Mum showed me how to quite a few times but I could not figure it out. I was flicking through Meet Me at Mikes [the book] the other day and came to the granny squares and thought why not? The stitch instructions, though they are quite simple and well illustrated, still didn’t quite make sense to me, so I found a How to Crochet section in this other really daggy old craft book I have and CLICK – I could crochet! A bit of a made up chain stitchy flower and a few mini granny squares later I felt confident enough to invent my own pattern and it worked! I stitched on a few buttons and added some embroidery [supposed to look like a birdie btw] and turned it into a brooch for a darling friend’s birthday pressie.

I can’t believe how simple it is! Why didn’t someone tell me this before! I love that you can just pick it up whenever and do a bit here and there and even make it up as you go along and it’s SO EASY to undo your mistakes and start again! I LOVE CROCHET!

This is my first creative space. See some other creative spaces or join in over at kootoyoo


Kirsty said...

Look at you go! Wonderful work. Welcome to my creative space - thanks for playing along.

Mandy said...

clever sis! so many cool things you could make with this. love the brooch. guessing it's for nicole? yes?

Tassie Rachel said...

Glad to see you are enjoying crochet now! Let me know if you want any crochet hooks, I have a few random ones in multiple sizes. And I have heaps if you want to borrow somes, and of course an ever growing yarn stash.

nutty natty said...

you are so creative! love the brooch. ps and your amazing house :)

little grubs said...

Congrats on the crochet - keep at it it really is a great skill to have!!! x

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