Friday, June 25, 2010

"UMMY" – that’s me

A little munchkin hanging onto my legs “Ummy... MUMmy... mum... mam... UUUMMMYYY... MUM... mama... mim... UUMM...

Translation: feed me now mummy!

*noong-a-noong-en = finn speak for food.


Mandy said...

oh mr. finn. don't be sooky for mummy.
how cute though!!!

Ben and Mel said...

Hi Christine,
I have been having a little look (for about 20mins!) through your blog.
WOW your house is amazing - almost makes me want to move back to Tassie!
I just loved the little blog you did on the apple pie - it looks like something out of a country magazine!
And your little ones are so adorable.
Will visit again soon :)
Love Mel

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