Friday, August 5, 2011


i had a wonderful time at the market last saturday with the gorgeous amy of the happy nest.

it was super exciting to be an actual stall holder but also quite disconcerting at times when there are a whole lot of strangers man-handling your precious creations! but i absolutely loved it - i'm definitely addicted now! and off to do it all again this weekend - a little closer to home this time.

we'll be here:: 

[oh and the exciting announcement will be in a couple of days!]


Mandy said...

Sitting in dubai airport on my way back to Perth, and got hours of wifi, so did some blog checking. So so proud of you sisel. Can't wait to talk. love you. Xxxxxxx

Ros said...

Loved reading about your market adventures. There don't seem to be any handmade markets on N W coast. Are there any more coming up in Launceston.

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