Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hi Honey... I'm Home

So it's been a while.

Over 3 weeks! I've actually been doing stuff instead of playing on the computer! hee hee.

Ooooo and look at my new header! My darling sis designed it for me. What a lovely present!

The girls are picking passionfruit! What? Passionfruit at the end of winter? I hear you say.
Yes well, our vine is slightly demented and thinks summer is such a boring, predictable time to fruit; why not stand out of the passion vine crowd and do it my own way!


Gina said...

Welcome back! Yum, passionfruit... I can only dream of growing such lovely things, we have a carpark out the back of our flat!
Oh I would have loved to give you the hug-a-bub but someone else pipped you to the post. Darn it, I wish a I had a few more to pass on to people.

PS Some tips on getting and receiving comments: I notice you don't have an email enabled in your blogger account. That may be deliberate? but I found that when I enabled my email I started getting direct responses to my comments on other blogs). I also now get comment updates sent to my email account and I reply to most of them directly (as most people don't check back on a post to see if you've responded). These are things that I've found helpful in building up a bit more rapport with other bloggers, but it took me a while to figure them out, so I'm just sharing the discoveries with you!

Mandy said...

oh how cute do the girls look!
awesome hat imi!

glad you love your new header.
looks pretty sexy! ha ha

christine said...

Oh yeah I forgot about the hat. It's one I made for Alannah when she was little. Imogen can barely squeeze it on her head but it keep her ears warm in the wind!

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