Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What!?! I have to get up when!?!


School holidays are over...
Back to routines - out of bed early - uniforms - cleaning of teeth in the morning instead of lunchtime - where's your bag / folder / shoes / jacket? - hair brushed tidily - quick in the car, we'll miss the bus!

I have mixed feelings about it all. The holidays are lots of fun and pretty cruisy too. But I was getting close to the end of my rope when it comes to 'please share', 'be kind', 'stop bossing your sister', 'no screaming - please use your words'

We got to do everything on 'the list'* except for one raincheck for a lunchdate.

And we even did a few things that weren't on it too! [my little list-maker wanted to add them and tick them off after the fact! - she takes after her mummy]

* don't you just love the instruction to self at the very top? "tick the things you have don" - funny bunny!


Mandy said...

love that list.
definitely takes after her mum!

Tas said...

That is so cute. And how organised!
And lucky you. We are about to start school holidays here in SA and I am already having panic attacks (even though only 1 of my 3 is even in school)
Btw I secured the somewhat original nickname of "Taswege" at Melbourne Uni because I was (wait for it) from Tasmania. Points for originality. Born and bred in Longford and high school in Launceston!

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