Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aunty Mandy

We had a wonderful surprise last weekend. My darling sister Mandy flew over from Perth to surprise mum for her birthday [and all of us! - dad and her have been keeping a secret for 3 months!] 

She was only here for a few days but we all had heaps of fun with Aunty Mandy! *  **

And I managed to finish the bag I was making for her

Even has a special elasticised phone pocket!

We love you and miss you darling xxx

Photo notes:
* [the artwork in the background is by Mandy, full of texture and in my favourite colour of course! She is an amazingly talented artist and designer]
** Imogen is in full costume as per usual - I don't dress her like that!

1 comment:

Mandy said...

oooooh, lovely bag isn't it.
i very much love it and use it all the time.
there's a lady at the gym who is very jealous.
i love and all miss my girls (and adorable little finn man) too.

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