Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making Stuff For Eamon

There's a new little cutie around these parts. Eamon Thomas is my darling nephew - a gorgeous son for Katie and Ben (my little brother) born three weeks ago now.
We had to get busy crafting as soon as we heard the exciting news. As all my fabric is in storage at the moment we had to get creative with what I had floating around in the studio scrap box. A boyish bib for dribbling on and an Alannah-designed teddy made their appearance by the end of the day. Just right for numerous drools and chewings-on.


Angela said...

Those are so gorgeous!!!! You two are both talented ladies :)

Mandy said...

wow alannah has her mummy's talent!
i love it sweety.
what an amazingly cute teddy.

beautiful stuff chris. xxx

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