Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guess Whose Birthday It Wasn't...

Ahh, the big three-oh - well not really (actually only 7 and a half due to birthday being deleted from the calendar 3 years out of 4).

It's actually not as bad as I thought - leaving the twenties. Isn't it funny how you build something up in your mind so it seems really big and scary and it turns out to be just fine! What a sook she is, I can hear you saying, it's only another year. Somehow going from 29 to 30 sounds like it's a huge jump. Like now I should grow up and act my age and stop going off with the fairies and actually do sensible grown up things like cleaning the house and ironing. Who am I kidding! Like that's gonna happen!

I got a bit spoilt today with all the lovely pressies and family and fun times. Look at all the pretty things.


Anyhoo since it's my not-birthday and I've got a blog that a couple of people read and I've hit the 1000-visitors mark on my hit counter (did you know I had one of those? - it's right at the bottom of the page - and I happened to look at it right when it hit 1000 and I promise I don't look at my blog ALL the time to check the meter so it can't be ALL me)

Where was I going with all this? Oh yes, that's right - I thought I'd do a little birthday GIVEAWAY! Yay! I've been busting to do this! I haven't worked out exactly what it's going to include - but I'm sure I can rustle up a cute little package. Check back in the next couple of days for the details.


Al Bain said...

Happy, happy days ahead! Happy 30th. Welcome to a very illustrious club. Thirties are great! Hope that your day has ended in a special way. May you have a wonderful year to come, filled with joy, love and contentment. Lots of love and prayers from us.

Rachel and Alistair x

Tassie Rachel said...

Happy birthday! I can't believe I sat next to you in church and didn't realise. Especially since they gave birthday wishes to other people. Looks like you got some gorgeous goodies. I know exactly what you mean about 29 feeling so different to 30, I did that transition in Korea and it didn't go well.

aimee said...

happy birthday christine! hope you had a lovely day :) looks like you got spoilt!! xx

Mandy said...

what a pampered girl! looks like you brought home the bacon this birthday. good to know there's a positive side to turning 30. ha ha. only 2 years and 6 days away for me. eeek.
anyway lovely, glad you got my pressie on time too.
miss you like crazy xxxxxxxxxxxx

m.e (Cathie) said...

i lay low in blogland for a week or so & missed popping by to wish you a happy birthday!
looks like a fabulous day, have a great year Christine

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