Monday, November 30, 2009

On a Christmas tree somewhere...

...there is a little birdie made with love.

And on 129 other Christmas trees there are 129 more little birdies made with love too [the love nearly ran out though after that many!]

I designed these as a little gift to give out at our annual church Gingerbread Nights. I did have a couple of lovely ladies to help me with the assembly but turned out to be a bigger job than I first thought. [isn't that always the way?]
So I was busy sticking on wings, tails and eyes a day before we were off on holiday!
Busy times but so rewarding!


Tassie Rachel said...

I love my birdie! I hung it on my Christmas tree as soon as I got home, and I knew that it was you who had to have made them :-)

Mandy said...

wow, i have a very clever sis! i love them!!!!!!!!!!!

aimee said...

you have been a busy girl! they are very cute!

ps. your super cool styling on katies baby shower is on my blog :)

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