Saturday, November 28, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Our little darling Imogen had her third birthday a few weeks ago - my goodness that's gone quick! All of a sudden she's gotten all big and grown up!

I wanted to make her something special to play with, so Alannah and I decided on a princess and the pea playset - idea totally stolen from SouleMama. (we also gave her the princess and the pea book by Lauren Child - of Charlie and Lola fame)

Lannah was my helper - choosing fabrics, deciding which ones looked good together, colouring the paper princesses, sewing the felt pea [with a little help from mama], turning the mattresses and snipping threads.

Immy loved it! They've been playing princess and the pea all over the house. "MUM WHERE'S MY PEA?" is a common utterance around these parts nowadays.

I also whipped up a little tutu and she got real ballet shoes!

And a washing line to help mummy with the house work ;)

We had a yummy hedgehog cake created by aunty Liesey, dressing ups with little friends and treasure hunting - what fun!


Gina said...

FABULOUS gift, looks like it's gone down a treat. It must've been very gratifying to make too... how lovely. Your kids look adorable.

I made that hedgehog cake a few years ago for my husband's birthday! My poor kids have not had anything so glamourous.

Now I must say that your hubby looks like he's wearing some kind of dinosoar/dragon red spikey spine in that first photo! What IS that behind him?

Mandy said...

oh so cute!
was looking at the pics and thought lan's white dress was LOVELY. than remembered I bought it for her. GO ME. ha ha.
i want a princess and the pea set now too!!

Note to Gina: the "kind of dinosoar/dragon red spikey spine" thing behind ed is a painting of a heliconia i did for ed & chris a few years back.
Go to

m.e (Cathie) said...

those pics are beautiful, my little one wants a hedgehog cake aswell for her bday.

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