Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The brooch that inspired a beanie

As soon as this mini knitting bit came of the needles I had to have it in a beanie RIGHT NOW! A few minutes sneaked in during our days and lots of evenings on the couch in view of the telly [I’m getting better at not looking while knitting, especially if there’s something good on] and TA-DAH!

Photography by Alannah (age 6)

There were numerous pull-it-nearly-all-out episodes – I actually had it finished a couple of weeks ago but decided it needed to be another inch or so longer, resulting in a good bit of unravelling [a by-product of not using a pattern and just winging it]. Nevertheless, it turned out just as I imagined it and I love it! It’s the first thing I’ve ever knitted for myself that I think I’ll actually wear and love – what a fantastic sense of satisfaction it gives you to achieve that!

How about you? What have you made for yourself that you love? I’d love to hear from you x

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

just the [un]usual

Yesterday was a pretty average Monday. The standard* rush-about-the-house-getting-ready-for-school-playgroup-work, playing [or not, whichever you prefer] at kinder playgroup, a couple of errands, fruit and veg shopping, then home in time for lunching and putting to bed of little man.

Mum was coming round, as she sometimes does on a Monday, especially if we haven’t seen her on the weekend [which we hadn’t]. We had just completed fresh underside covering of the small one as we saw oma arrive in the driveway. Subsequent dancing on bedroom window sill ensued while mama performed sheet wrangling in a particularly swift fashion and afterwards arranged chubby legs in sleepy-sack. In wanders oma for kisses and cuddles and then...

“OH SHIP!” [let’s just pretend it was that] I say in astonishment. It’s MANDY! My sister! From the other side of the country! A great deal of blubbering on shoulders results as well as soothing of small startled by great commotion.

Still recovering from that astounding surprise! SOOOOO good to have you here darling x

 *this one not so bad as some
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