Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The brooch that inspired a beanie

As soon as this mini knitting bit came of the needles I had to have it in a beanie RIGHT NOW! A few minutes sneaked in during our days and lots of evenings on the couch in view of the telly [I’m getting better at not looking while knitting, especially if there’s something good on] and TA-DAH!

Photography by Alannah (age 6)

There were numerous pull-it-nearly-all-out episodes – I actually had it finished a couple of weeks ago but decided it needed to be another inch or so longer, resulting in a good bit of unravelling [a by-product of not using a pattern and just winging it]. Nevertheless, it turned out just as I imagined it and I love it! It’s the first thing I’ve ever knitted for myself that I think I’ll actually wear and love – what a fantastic sense of satisfaction it gives you to achieve that!

How about you? What have you made for yourself that you love? I’d love to hear from you x


Mandy said...

what a great little photographer!
i LOVE your hair with long wavy layers.
oh and love MY new brooch. xxx

katie lauren said...

christine, your craftiness never ceases to amaze me! you are so talented :)

and thanks for the little egg hat its just soo cute!

Josh Healy said...

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