Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet Mr Shuffle Bum

It official. Finn is a bum-shuffler.

I had a sneaking suspicion that this might be the case. Classic example = put Finn on floor to play with toys - return a short while later - not playing with toys as mummy directed but rather with aunty leesie's frankie mags that mummy had yet to get round to perusing [don't worry lees - only slightly dribbled on and a couple of misshapen pages]

This morning Finn decided hanging out with toys was unexciting and proceeded to chase mummy and big sisters into the kitchen ableit at rather a leisurely pace.

Next on the cards: destroy big sisters' cafe kitchen set up in living room. Then off to yank out cable of laptop sitting on couch.

Oh what fun! I'm going to need to dig out that playpen again


Angela said...

Yay, he's in good company, I was a bum-shuffler too!

Mandy said...

at least he can get himself around now.
that's a 'big step' from last week when getting to his favourite coffee table books was a struggle.
i love how he's just bent on destroying everything all the time.
such a boy!
what a cutsie-scrumptious-adorable little man.
love you mr. finn.

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